Joseph Ivacic welcomes you to view his work. Making art to Ivacic is a relationship between the artist and the art-object, and sharing the work is the conversation between the piece and the audience. His influences come from nature, pattern, color and movement. As an artist, Ivacic is interested in the interaction and impact that his objects leave with the viewer.


This project has been in the works for Ivacic since late 2011. After a number of renderings, the building’s ownership committee decided on the composition known as “Dissipate” for the main wall in block long lobby. It consists of 150 individual sculpted glass poppies that will fill the 60’x35’ space.

After much thought and consideration, Ivacic has decided to change the title of the piece to “Margaret’s Dream” in dedication to his mother.

The unveiling of this installation is scheduled for September of 2012.



The installation consists of 9 abstract blown glass flowers.  The opportunity to create this installation was presented by Horizon Hospice in Chicago Il.  The work was finished and installed by mid April of 2012. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Rush CEO Dr. Larry Goodman and leadership from Horizon and Rush joined donors and Chicago area leaders to help dedicate the facility on April 30th 2012.

Ivacic is very proud to have this piece as part of his portfolio.